03 August, 2016

The Stunning Statement by NASA

In the NASA film engineer Kelly Smith stated that they do not know how they will get a man through the Van Allen belts.
graphic of Van Allen belt from NASA
“We must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space," Smith said.
If they got them through before with moon landings one has to wonder what this is all about.
In other words, did they ever get men through it?
 Orion will not be a manned flight since the radiation involved with passing through the Van Allen belt is simply lethal to human beings.
This is an absolutely stunning admission.
Apollo missions went through the Van Allen belt didn't they?
So one has to wonder.
Am I saying the moon missions were fraudulent? No, because I just really don't know enough.  I am simply presenting something I find very interesting and worth thinking about.
Listen to the video again and pay attention to what Smith says about the Van Allen radiation.

28 July, 2016

NASA and Orion

If you listen carefully to what this engineer from NASA says it should cause you to have a really big question.
 He makes a stunning statement.  Can you recognize it?

22 July, 2016

Trump's Acceptance Speech

Trump's acceptance speech was dynamite.
Now if he only really means what he said we might have a good thing here.

21 July, 2016

Good Ole' Boy Network

The good ole boy network is real and swings into action circling the wagons whenever a woman complains about harassment. She is always wrong, always making things up. It simply cannot be any other way because, well, she's a woman.
Despite 20 women backing up her story, she is still wrong.
Despite allegations that he was doing this back in his days on The Mike Douglas Show in the 1960's.

Roger Stone now gallops to the rescue of Roger Ailes the Fox CEO accused of sexual harassment by Gretchen Carlson. Of course he has no clue as to whether or not the charges are real or not but as a guy he just assumes they are false because another guy is being held accountable.
We can't have that especially if Ailes seems to be on your side of the aisle, your team as it were.
Conservatives don't do that sort of thing.
Only, they actually do.
  Conservatives, liberals, Communists, aetheists,all religions, clergymen, doctors, lawyers, candlestick makers, it can be anyone. There is no cut off point for people who feel entitled and who cannot control themselves and they are in all walks of life.
Ailes could well be innocent.
Carlson may well be telling the truth, fed up with things.
The fact is we don't know but the news headlines calling Carlson 'scum' and accusing her of trying to destroy Fox News are over the top .

There are very few women on this earth who have not experienced harassment of this kind or discrimination.  It is very real and prevalent.  Entire cultures are built on it.
It can be subtle or very overt and often very ugly and embarrassing.
Women don't often speak up because it is so easy for a guy to say, it was an accident or it's your imagination.
Only, it usually isn't.
The backlash to speaking out is also extremely real.

Let cooler heads prevail and decide it in open court.