12 February, 2018

Two Dangerous Phrases

Some  words and/or phrases,which are really philosophies, are somewhat harmless.
Others not so much, especially when you really focus on where they can lead.
My candidates for top two are:
"It's for the greater good" which is simply collectivism and inherently evil.  It insists that the individual belongs to the group and has no self determination. A person must sacrifice their morals, values, hopes and dreams and even their life for the group whose values over ride everything.

Individualism states that men are sovereign and have free will.
Some of the greatest evils of all time stemmed from "the greater good".

"The end justifies the means." A  Machiavellian idea.
 Evil means are never justified and will never bring success or goodness for anyone.

22 January, 2018

World IQ's

Orientals and Italians and ethnic Europeans in general top the world with the highest IQ's.

Hong Kong 108
Singapore 108
South Korea 106
Japan 105
China 105
Taiwan 104
Italy 102
Iceland 101
Mongolia 101
Switzerland 101
Austria 100
Luxembourg 100
Netherlands 100
Norway 100
UnitedKingdom 100
Belgium 99
Canada 99
Estonia 99
Germany 99
Poland 99
Sweden 99
Andorra 98
Australia 98
Czech Republic 98
Denmark 98
France 98
Hungary 98
Latvia 98
Spain 98
United States 98
Belarus 97
Malta 97
Russia 97
Ukraine 97
Moldova 96
Slovakia 96
Slovenia 96
Uruguay 96
Israel 95
Portugal 95
Armenia 94
Georgia 94
Kazakhstan 94
Romania 94
Vietnam 94
Argentina 93
Bulgaria 93
Greece 92
Ireland 92
Malaysia 92
Brunei 91
Cambodia 91
Cyprus 91
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 91
Lithuania 91

09 November, 2017

Alaska Cod and the Blob

Fukashima, the gift that just keeps on giving.

From the Seattle Times, Nov 4,2017

"Gulf of Alaska cod populations appear to have nose-dived, a collapse fishery “the blob”  that peaked in 2015.
scientists believe is linked to warm water temperatures known as
The decline is expected to substantially reduce the Gulf cod harvests that in recent years have been worth — before processing — more than $50 million to Northwest and Alaska fishermen who catch them with nets, pot traps and baited hooks set along the sea bottom."

The Pacific heatwave has driven up temperatures to  a depth of 1,000 feet.
 It means bad times for the fishing industry and changes to enviroment on the west and east coast.
The Pacific is contaminated with Cesium 137.
It is 6 years and counting and they still cannot find a way to stop the ongoing problems caused by Fukushima.

Uncanny Resemblance

Amaging resemblance
Who would be Luke?